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What commodities does ActivTrades offer? 
What commodities does ActivTrades offer? 
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At ActivTrades, we understand the importance of portfolio diversification. To this end, we’ve ensured that our traders have access to a comprehensive list of commodity markets across the hard and soft commodity divide. In this way, ActivTrades clients are able to take advantage of a wide variety of market scenarios and outcomes.

Gone are the days when gold, silver, and crude oil CFDs were all traders expected of their brokers. In today’s unpredictable and rapidly shifting markets, retail traders are far more educated, capable, and demanding when it comes to the individual names they wish to trade.

ActivTrades currently offers CFDs on two types of spot energy, but also 14 highly tradable commodity futures that allow you to express a commodity view, both long and short, in a much more targeted and sophisticated way.

ActivTrades Hard Commodity Markets:

Brent crude futures, brent crude (spot), copper futures, diesel futures, gasoline futures, light Crude futures (WTI), Light Crude (WTI spot), and natural gas futures.

ActivTrades Soft Commodity Markets:

Cocoa futures, coffee futures, cotton futures, orange juice futures, soybean futures, sugar futures, and wheat futures.

As you can see, ActivTrades customers enjoy the ability to be far more surgical in their commodities positioning, due to the larger number of tradable assets. This has stood our traders in good stead throughout the pandemic and beyond as there have been many opportunities on both the long and short side in commodity markets due to the supply chain disruptions that the global economy has had to endure.

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